Dear Adobe: Top Gripes by Application


General Bitching / Multiple Products

  1. (+262) please cut out the DRM crap, and price your products reasonably. #70
  2. (+259) Stop creating new features and make your software fast, stable and straightforward. #113
  3. (+252) Lower your prices #87
  4. (+250) For the next version, please could you stop adding features and work on performance and stability instead? #381
  5. (+248) Skip CS4. CS3 does everything we need for now, and no one is going to catch up with you, not even Quark. Instead of forcing another version down our throats bloated with unnecessary features, you could instead take some time to make a new version that focuses on stability and performance. #161
  6. (+239) The world is global now. Please fix your pricing. Thank you. #452
  7. (+230) Quality is better than quantity. #891
  8. (+227) Stop adding features. Focus on stability, speed and removing bloat. #475
  9. (+225) remember when your applications were lightning fast? I miss that. #419
  10. (+224) Please read and consider everything written on this website. It's for your own good #110
  11. (+223) You know what would be nice? Finally standardizing the interface between ALL of your applications. #19 / View Correction
  12. (+223) Please read this website. #398
  13. (+222) please don't copy microsoft's naming and bundling conventions. I want CS3 not CS3 pro, CS3 pro advantage, CS3 pro plus, CS3 no frills, CS3 pro max, CS3 pro extra pro max... #366
  14. (+218) Please lower your prices #933
  15. (+215) Please stop raising your upgrade prices. I'm sick of paying for your merger. #487
  16. (+215) Please stop keeping the PC and Mac versions separate. One combined version, one license. How hard is that? #950 / View Correction
  17. (+211) can Photoshop and Illustrator (and InDesign, etc.) please just work the same? Same guides, same text tools, etc. #36 / View Correction
  18. (+210) Your updaters suck. And Acrobat's bloatware. #264
  19. (+209) Please remember that some of us are starving artists and don't have hundreds of dollars to shell out on your products every year! Try to make it reasonable to stay on top of technology!! #304
  20. (+208) give the same keyboard shortcuts to the same functions no matter what app. if you say you're going for consistency, then be fucking consistent. #294 / View Correction
  21. (+207) please, please, please make all the shortcuts in all your applications the same. is it really that hard? #93 / View Correction
  22. (+205) Why is your software so hideously overpriced? #638
  23. (+204) Why are your products so friggin' expensive? #245
  24. (+204) Lower your pricing already. #570
  25. (+203) i love you but you're expensive #14
@$*!%# $@*&%!!1!
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